Quality and Management Systems – ISO 9001

The company’s management and quality system ensures efficient delivery with high quality and describes how we continuously work with continuous improvements to continue to meet and surpass our customers ‘ needs.

Construction firm CCTV – SSF 1061, Issue 3

This standard, developed by the trade association Swelarm, aims to increase the quality of installations of camera installations. By being certified against this norm, we ensure that our Organization, our competence, our processes, facilities and support systems meet the required requirements for us to deliver camera facilities that meet the set standards and the customer’s requirements and Expectations.

Construction firm Fire Alarm SBF 1008 Edition 2

The norm for construction firm fire alarm sets requirements regarding personnel skills, procedures and follow-up systems on Anläggarföretag that install fire alarms. By certification According to the norm, Confidence ensures that our installations live up to the applicable rules and standards.

Construction company evacuation alarm with spoken message SBF 2018: 1

This standard specifies requirements for companies that in their operations work with evacuation alarms with spoken message in accordance with SBF 502. A facility for evacuation alarms with spoken message facilitates the evacuation of a building in the event of a fire. A spoken message provides clear information about an event and initiative to start evacuation quickly – the evacuation time will be shorter compared to just an acoustic signal. In collaboration with other fire protection, the facility contributes to saving lives as well as reducing fire damage costs.

Construction firm Burglar Alarm – SSF 1015 Issue 3, Alarm class 4

This norm is developed by the Swedish Theft Protection Association for companies that install burglar alarms. The norm requires personnel, training and follow-up to ensure that the work is done professionally and with good quality. Confidence meets the norm and has certification for the highest class of alarm (Alarm class 4).

Confidence is ISO9000 and SBSC certified

The company holds the required certificates from SBSC, including alarm class 4 and ISO9000. To be active in the security industry, the company must have a police permit, have a quality certification and certifications according to the security industry standards. Confidence has all certificates. These are followed up by auditors once a year by the industry certification company SBSC.

Manufacture and product-specific certifications

In addition to SBSC and ISO9000, we hold several certifications that are directly linked to reputable manufacturers. These include Lenel OnGuard, Pacom unison, Milestone , and also Låssidan Salto and Assa

Environmental policy

Confidence activities shall be characterised by a concern for our common environment and non-renewable energy resources. All items leaving the company shall, where possible, enter systems for reuse/recovery or be biodegradable. Economy is observed when using energy and other purchased resources. The Company shall comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the environment and strive for constant reduction of its own environmental impact.

Quality Policy

Confidence should be seen as one of the leading suppliers of high and consistent quality security systems. We deliver security solutions based on the wishes and needs of external and internal customers, by keeping the corresponding quality and providing the latest technology and expertise on our products and services. Our employees are the company’s foremost resources and are supported by effective tools in the form of methods, equipment, support systems and training, to achieve the right quality, profitability to develop the business.