Lenel’s OnGuard WATCH – Web-based System status monitor

Lenel’s OnGuard WATCH in Sweden(Web Access Trending and Comprehensivee Health)

A web-based analysis tool that collects system data and displays it on customizable, user-friendly dashboards.

OnGuard Watch SwedenRather than scanning multiple reports, OnGuard WATCH gives users a detailed overview of their system and allows them to easily view important security data, including:

  • System-wide counts, including access panels, readers, inputs, outputs, cardholders, badges, and visitors
  • Overview screen summarizes system information, database backups, performance metrics for each server and key system performance indicators
  • Area Utilization Summary for user-defined areas
  • Information and status for the OnGuard server and Windows operating system
  • Information and status for the SQL database server
  • Badges and alarms generated per day
  • Thresholds and email alerts based on trigger conditions
  • Server log size graphs for OnGuard servers
  • OnGuard Main and archive database back-up history
  • System performance graph for memory, peak and hard drive usage
  • Historical System Data

The software runs on most modern browsers, is recommended for computers and tablets, and uses a responsive design to adapt to varying screen sizes.

OnGuard WATCH is licensed on an annual renewal basis and your subscription to OnGuard WATCH entitles you to install the latest version at any time. OnGuard WATCH requires an active OnGuard SUSP, which entitles you to upgrades and support for OnGuard as well as OnGuard WATCH.

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OnGuard WATCH Lite

OnGuard WATCH Lite is a free version available to users with a Software Upgrade and Support Plan (SUSP). This feature-light version provides a snapshot of the OnGuard application server and includes the System Overview dashboard. OnGuard WATCH Lite is also available as a free, 90-day, one-time trial for non-SUSP users.

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