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Confidence Technical Security at Airports

Swedavia* chooses Confidence as the framework agreement partner for installation services of technical security systems at airports

* Swedavia owns, operates and develops Sweden’s national basic infrastructure of airports. These ten airports form a system that connects Sweden together – and connects Sweden with the rest of the world. The company was founded in 2010 and is wholly owned by the Swedish state. In 2018, a total of 42.0 million passengers traveled to and from Swedavia’s airports. Read more at

Swedavia has signed a framework agreement with Confidence regarding technical security for several of Sweden’s largest airports. These include Arlanda, Landvetter, Bromma and Umeå, Östersund, Visby and Ronneby Airport. The framework contract signed with a total of three bidders runs for four + four (option) years and the order volume during the total contract period is estimated by Swedavia to be approximately SEK 130 million.

The agreement on installation services of technical security systems such access control, intruder alarms and CCTV surveilance. The products from suppliers like Pacom Unison, Sentrion, Bosch cameras and other CCTV hardware and equipment, is fully in line with Confidence’s efforts and area of expertise. The company has purposefully established itself as a leader through several completed advanced security projects, through certifications and skills development as well as available capacity in the area of critical infrastructure. The company’s long-term goals now generate very good business opportunities.

“The fact that Swedavia chooses us as a partner in this procurement is very gratifying. Not only for the business opportunities that are now ahead of us, but also as proof that the company’s investments in employees’ skills and organizational structure produce good results. Now we look forward to contributing to an even more effective security at Sweden’s airports”, says Pär Nilsson, CEO of Confidence

General terms of Framework agreement

Confidence is one of three (3) partners included in the aforementioned framework agreement where Confidence is ranked as number two (2). Calls from the framework agreement will be placed successively based on prices and terms in the agreement and according to strict ranking up to certain amount limits, SEK 5000, 2000 and 1000 TSEK depending on the airport, and then renewed competition will take place within the three contracted parties in the framework agreement.

“Confidence cannot say how much of the recently signed framework agreement with Swedavia is expected to accrue to the company. Of the total framework contract volume of SEK 130 million, Confidence will fight for a significant part”, says CEO Pär Nilsson

More information on Confidences prioritized customer segments, products and certifications can be found on this website.

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Focus on Critical Infrastructure successful

The long-term investment in the critical infrastructure business segment and the development of the company’s cutting-edge expertise and technical security capabilities now generate results in the form of business. Implemented efficiency-enhancing measures have a good effect and the company is very well positioned to meet the increasing demand in all priority target segments.

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