Unison Access Control System

We deliver install and support Unison Access Control System in Sweden. As a Pacom certified partner, it is one of the important brands in our portfolio of security systems. Unison is designed to provide easily managed access control systems for all kinds of businesses offering flexibility and ease of use

In Sweden Unison offers a comprehensive set of access modes so that customers can easily configure the operation of their site to match their exact needs. This includes the ability to control individual doors, barriers and gates based on time, permitting general entry to employees, contractors and visitors at those times when the company is open for business.

Unison Centralisation Access control and Security Systems

Our Unison single graphical user interface security platform provides customers with a consolidated view into the physical security infrastructure of their organisation, enabling customers to manage the scope of their users identities and physical access requirements including:

  • standardised global policies
  • reporting
  • planning processes
  • common documentation
  • tools to protect staff, visitors and contractors

Security Access to Premises

Unison’s graphical user interface provides a centralised administration of the entire access management process. Our client’s security team now has a comprehensive unified view of their entire physical operation. This ensures that unwanted identities are not able to access organisation premises.

Unison ensures that higher security locations require verified authentication from Codes, Access Cards, PINs, and Biometrics or a combination of these to authenticate the cardholder’s identity. Our biometrics solution partners are best-in-class and include finger-print and iris-based identity authentication technology solutions. Our authentication devices  provides real-time identification, and controls access to turnstiles, secured entrances, server rooms, and other physical spaces.

Reducing Cost of Ownership

Unison offers support for an unlimited number of users making it a good choice for growing organisations. Our ability to provide our customers with a scalable single graphical user interface security platform ensures that it will adapt and grow as your customers’ needs change. A system may start with access control only and intrusion and cctv can be added later as requirements change.

Ownership costs associated with training, maintenance and making system changes are reduced. One interface is used for all three security elements, so training is minimised for the user. Integration is achieved in the software, so there are no interruptions to the workplace caused by hardware and wire installations.

The graphical user interface, including dynamic display of door environments and intelligent linking to points on a map, considerably simplifies management.

Easy functionality and efficient bulk programming makes administration easy and saves time.

Confidence in cooperation with PACOM offers:

  • Comprehensive Unison service and training, to take advantage of the maximum value from the solution.
  • Technical service and support, which ensures the absolute best guidance and support to meet changing needs.
  • Ensures that you as a customer have the most flexible and customized solution.
  • High level of integration with third-party products and systems.
  • Read more about our management and maintenance 24/7/365

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