Unison Video Surveillance Systems Management

We deliver install integrate and support Unison Video Surveillance Systems Management, CCTV, in Sweden. As a Pacom certified partner, it is one of the important brands in our portfolio of security systems. Unison uses the latest technology to link various analog and digital video surveillance systems in an efficient way. Unison and offers a powerful and user friendly solution that suits all types of businesses and organizations.

Unison Video Surveillance

The ability to link video with other events enables customers to operate more effectively and get more from their surveillance data. Unison cleverly acts as a “bridge” between video and other sub-systems enabling operators to perform visual alarm verification quickly and efficiently.

An alarm can be easily verified by automatically streaming a video from a camera located at the alarm point allowing the operator to take immediate action and to focus on relevant surveillance images. Operators also have the facility manually to switch cameras and monitors and run macros and sequences from the convenience of any Unison workstation.

A video window can be embedded within the Unison user interface and be programmed with a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). This allows live video to be accessed from a variety of sources and be used to aid with monitoring a specific area of a site, or for verifying the identification of a user before remotely unlocking a door.

The user-friendly functions of the system, efficient bulk programming and powerful graphic overviews make administration easy and saves time. The graphical user interface, including dynamic display of alarms and camera status, considerably simplifies management. By taking advantage of the intelligent linking function in Unison users can easily link an object in the system with a point on the map.

Confidence in cooperation with PACOM offers:

  • Comprehensive Unison service and training, to take advantage of the maximum value from the solution.
  • Technical support, which ensures the absolute best guidance and support to meet changing needs.
  • Ensures that you as a customer have the most flexible and customized solution.
  • High level of integration with third-party products and systems.
  • Read more about our management and maintenance 24/7/365

Unison certified partner in Sweden

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