Visitor Management System – UnisonVisit

We deliver install integrate and support Pacom Unison Visitor Management System, UnisonVisit, in Sweden. The system is a complete solution for visitor management and designed to replace the manual ledger visit. This Visitor management system administers visitors, print badges and create conditions for automatic visitor management.

Unison Sweden

UnisonVisit fits all kinds of facilities, is easy to use and configured to suit your needs. From the single reception to multi-reception solutions in several countries with support for multiple languages.

The system creates users and cards in Unison at the start of the visit and removes them when the visit is over, with UnisonVisit the visitor automatically enabled card which can be used during the visit. The system comes as part of Unison and simplifies visit reception flow for both visitors and staff.

Create a professional image of the company, thanks to automated processes. UnisonVisit comes with desk client, self-registration client, web portal for registration and automatic visitor management.

Choose between renting UnisonVisit as a service or install the system in your IT environment. We will help you with installation, setup and training.
UnisonVisit can be delivered complete with software, hardware, installation, training, documentation and deployment.

Confidence in cooperation with PACOM offers:

  • Comprehensive Unison service and training, to take advantage of the maximum value from the solution.
  • Technical support, which ensures the absolute best guidance and support to meet changing needs.
  • Ensures that you as a customer have the most flexible and customized solution.
  • High level of integration with third-party products and systems.
  • Read more about our management and maintenance 24/7/365

Unison certified partner in Sweden

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